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E-maintenance Workflow

1. Step One - Defect Log

User Logs Defect

Maintenance Planner Receives Logged Defects and assigns them to Chief Artisans.

2. Step Two - Defect Verification.

Chief Artisans verifies the defect and assign to an Artisan.

Aritisan gets notification of an assigned Workorder.

3. Step Three - Material Stores

Chief Artisans makes a material request for workorders that needs material.

Material is ordered and ready for collection upon notification from the material supplier.

4. Step Four - Repairs

Artisans attends to the defect on site.

After the artisan fixed the defect he notifies the Facility Manager for verification.

5. Step Five - Verification

The Facility Manager visits the site.

The Facility managers verifies the workorder has been successfully completed,